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Generator 1-14 kVA with diesel engine




PRATEC offers a wide range of products from PRAMAC. 


The series consists of standard generators with Yanmar diesel engines  The generator is also available with Honda petrol engine. 


PRAMAC products are characterized by a good design and professional quality, so the buyer has a top product at the right price.

PRATEC give you good advice to users, so they get the right product for the job, regardless of size.

Table of PRAMAC generators 

It can often be difficult to determine which generator you exactly need. Attached table will help you on your way. In this view, you can see what size generator we recommend for various tool types.


Do you need further information please feel free to contact us.


To see the table. Click on:  Models - Table of PRAMAC generators



We are main exporter of following products in Scandinavia:


  • PRAMAC GROUP - generator systems 1-3360 kVA


  • LIFTER - Transport Eguipment


  • TEA - hoist


  • COSPET - Wortex Submersible pumps